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A new era in multispecific antibody
discovery and development

What we’re about

We are a next-generation biopharmaceutical company focused on solving blindness with a vision for the rapid discovery and development of novel therapies using our modular Rev-Mod Platform. Our therapeutic candidates—Multi-Mod biologics—are specifically designed to achieve improved disease outcomes and extended disease remission by targeting multiple dominant biologic pathways in complex multifactorial diseases.

RO-104 is our first-in-class, trimodular, fully human lead candidate designed to target 3 clinically validated disease pathways for wet age-related macular degeneration (nAMD).

Our proprietary Rev-Mod Platform uses a revolutionary, modular plug-and-play system to accelerate the discovery and development of fully human multispecific biologics across a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas.

And we’re just getting started: We have deployed our innovative technology to generate structured libraries of nearly 30 billion target-specific proteins that can be used to develop curated Multi-Mod biologics that fully retain the sequence and architecture of human antibodies.1

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