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The Rev-Mod Platform

Our proprietary Rev-Mod Platform uses a modular plug-and-play system to streamline and accelerate the efficient drug discovery and development of multispecific biologics across a broad range of chronic prevalent large diseases that are the leading causes of death and disability.

The Multi-Mod

The Multi-Mod biologic is a 100% human, customizable multispecific biologic that is built from highly compatible modular subunits to provide innovative solutions to complex diseases.1

The True Human

The True Human Multi-Mod is enabled by a naturally occurring, fully human, universal light chain that supports the integration of diverse binding domains.1

The Rev-Mod Platform can be used to rapidly and
effectively create multispecific biologics.

Bi-Mod Biologics

Can be used to target 2 distinct
disease pathways.

Tri-Mod Biologics

Can be used to target 3 distinct disease
pathways. Our first-in-class candidate, RO-104, is
a Tri-Mod biologic designed to treat retinal
vascular disease. It has the ability to neutralize 3
dominant antigenic targets that cause nAMD.2

Tetra-Mod Biologics and Beyond

Can be used to singularly target 4 and more
distinct disease pathways.

The fully human Rev-Mod Platform is a unique phage display system that contains a nearly 30-billion-member library that is easily used to identify ready-to-be-assembled antibody components. Every component in the library is fully compatible with the others, enabling elegant and efficient design of Multi-Mod biologics.1


Benefits of the Rev-Mod Platform1


One molecule, multispecific targets

Multi-Mod biologics are native, non-engineered biologics that retain human antibody sequence and structure to provide elegant and modular solutions to construct safe and effective therapeutic candidates that can singularly address multiple disease pathways.


Fully human

The Rev-Mod Platform uses a unique, modular approach to generate multispecific biologics that retain fully human antibody sequences and architecture. Multi-Mod biologics are designed to maximize efficacy and drug-like properties and to be well tolerated by the human body.


Derived from nature

The True Human Multi-Module light chain is based on the surrogate light chain. The surrogate light chain is a naturally occurring precursor formed in all humans during antibody production and therefore the only universal natural partner for all human heavy chain binding domains.


Rapid discovery and development

The Rev-Mod Platform supports efficient screening to discover optimal solutions to complex diseases, allowing for customizable plug-and-play design of lead molecules ready for development.

How can the Rev-Mod Platform be leveraged
to treat other diseases?

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Reference: 1. Xu L, et al. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2008;105(31):10756-10761.